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How Social Media Marketing Build Startup Business Identity

Social media is an amazing platform for different upcoming and running brands and businesses. With the current trend, both high and small brands have taken the online route with the website and social media marketing. If we see the current figures, around 3.7 billion social media users and 82% of users are more prone to decide on the brands, they follow on social media channels.

Social media marketing for startup business can be a great influence to increase brand awareness and lead generation. Owners also prefer it as it is a cost-effective medium of marketing and the most powerful way to relate with the target audience and get your brand in front of them.

Now read-out the below-mentioned ways that can help startups and running businesses build and improve their brand.

  • Frame & Work on your Social Media Profiles

You need to decide on the social media platform wherein you want to build your audience. Every social network & social media platform has its audience and specialty. Start by framing a good & appealing social media page on every platform you have selected. Make a social media page with entire business information and proper image sizes. Change the style and update your current SMP as per social media statistics and demographics.

  • Improve the Visual Appearance of your Brand

Work with a social media marketing agency a startup to improve your branding. Have lovely & same colors, fonts in the displayed images, graphics, and videos. 

Also, have consistency in posts and so that consumers can identify with your brand’s logo on social media. You should continue posting seamlessly as per other images & videos. Once a business achieves brand recognition, you can relate that your social media branding efforts are paying off.

  • Build a Marketing Persona

Marketing personas vary at every platform, so it’s best to create multiple personas as part of your marketing strategy. Begin with the company’s goal and then outline them to the different social media networks that match. Check the different demographics to know your audience & work on the content to match the personas.

  • Growing Audience

Understand and know your target audience for a precise, tailored approach to your marketing efforts.

To grow your audience, you need to understand their requirements, problems & wants. Identify them, & project and sell your product or services accordingly.

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

Craft a high-level social media plan for every platform. Work with social media marketing consultants like StartUp Company Counsel so that they can set weekly and monthly goals & expand your reach gradually with potential customers.

Final Take –

A brand’s persona, imagery is most important when it comes to attracting consumers. And, with the ongoing trend, what better way than social media platform. All businesses are now dealing with consumers online. It also allows the consumer to compare and relate a product or service as per their needs. It’s best to leverage these platforms and create a positive relationship with your customers.


Published by StartUp Company Counsel

StartUp Company Counsel offers digital marketing services for startups and gets the brand its clientele through an appealing way to all customers. There are several marketing programs we follow as per the industry requirement for a company's visibility and leads.

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